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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Council tax wasted on temporary repairs

THE front page article by Brian Tilley highlighted the present parlous and dangerous condition of the rural roads within Tynedale (Courant, January 30).

Traffic hazards: Roads throughout Tynedale are showing signs of excessive wear and tear.

I was very surprised, however, to read that the spokesman for the county council blamed this fact on weather conditions last autumn.

Here, in Hexhamshire, I and others have repeatedly over several years urged and requested the county council to urgently reverse the fast deteriorating condition of our roads (arguably the track from Larkrise to Candleford is in better order!)

Invariably, we have been told that whilst schemes have been prepared they could not be afforded because of lack of highway funds.

So instead, our council tax has been wasted on ineffective and temporary patching of potholes!

This particular policy has resulted in a need for far greater expenditure now to reinstate our damaged roads.

The Courant (December 19) also drew the attention of your readers to the lack of an adequate water supply to some of our residents on the county council’s former ‘Hexhamshire Estate’ and the perceived reluctance of the council, despite previous reassurances, to lay a mains water supply to serve these properties.

I consider that the county council’s failure to face up to these basic needs has been shortsighted in the extreme and in the longer term will only involve even greater expense.

Surely, our infrastructure, such as water supplies and pothole-free rural roads require a much higher priority in the council’s budget.


Tynedale districtcouncillor


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