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Thursday, 30 July 2015

What to Know When You Buy Men’s Shirts

Advertising Feature. Shirts are among the most visible garments we wear, and it’s important to get them right. With so many men’s shirts, cufflinks and the like available, in so many styles and sizes, the choice can seem bewildering.

If you’re looking at formal shirts, look for a two ply count, since these tend to be stronger items and wrinkle less easily. Buttons should be sewn on with a cross-locked stitch. Equally, look for a single line of stitching on the seam of the shirt.

To be sure you buy men’s shirts which are the right size for you, be sure you can fit two fingers between the collar and the neck so that it will still fit if it shrinks.

There are several kinds of dress shirt collars – some have rounded tips, others have more space between the front tips. The straight-point, with its V-shaped points, are the most common kind, and will flatter most face shapes. Button-down collars are generally less formal, softer and less starchy. You can also buy men’s shirts with a rounded collar, a pinned collar or a ‘tab’ – a higher version with a smaller spread.

As a general rule, fitted shirts tend to have wider collars than those made for the office or other kinds of everyday wear.

Try and go for fitted shirts with collars which suit the shape of your face. Narrow collars with pointed tips, for example, tend to look best on men with narrower faces. A spread collar, where there is more space between the tips, with flatter all but the very roundest faces. The tab will flatter chaps who have longer necks.

Collars without buttons or pins are kept in place with plastic or metal stays to so that they remain pointed. Make sure you don’t lose these.

At the same time, before you buy mens shirts, ensure that the sleeves accommodate the whole length of your arms, and that the cuffs, whether closed by cufflinks or buttons, are tight on the wrist.

There are different types of cuffs on fitted shirts, including barrel or button cuffs. If these have more than one button, you can adjust the fit. French or double cuffs have long fabrics, and are folded over. Often thought of as more formal than its barrel counterpart, French cuffs are closed with a silk knot or with cufflinks. You can also buy men’s shirts with convertible cuffs, on which you can use cufflinks or buttons.

When you’re looking at fitted shirt, you may also want take into account the material used. Cotton is comfortable and breathable, and holds colours well, so it will stay looking good over time. Cotton blends, where another fibre is woven in, gives you the advantages of a second material – for example Lycra adds stretch, polyester reduces wrinkling.

Linen is also a very breathable material and ideal for the summer months, although it tends to wrinkle quite easily, and so may take a bit more ironing.



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