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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Why you Should Seek Professional Help to Find the Perfect Office


Advertising feature. If you are in business then you are going to be extraordinarily busy. There are many things that need your attention. For your accounts, you may employ the valued assistance of an accountant. In legal matters, your solicitor can provide valuable advice in all aspects of the law.
Why then, when it comes to one of the most important decisions you need to take about your business, that of where to situate and how much to spend on their office, do many people rely solely on their own limited experience in the matter?

It really is a decision not to take lightly. Given that your business needs your attention almost constantly, can you afford to devote large chunks of your time sorting out the myriad of things that need careful consideration when thinking about purchasing or leasing an office? Do you have the experience and expertise to understand if these premises are exactly what you require? How can you be sure that the rate you negotiate with the property owner is a fair one? Did you get the best possible deal for your business? Do you have the ability, in terms of time and finance, to be able to devote large chunks of your time searching for and investigating possible office spaces in London, away from your usual business activities?

In truth, many businesses don’t. They pick an office which they can afford and which they feel suits them. They may get lucky, many may not, but fortunately now, you don’t have to take that risk, or spend that amount of time and money on finding the offices to suit.

Commercial Estate Agents Savoy Stewart were ranked second in the whole of London in property acquisitions in a February 2009 survey and they offer all businesses, regardless of their size and demands, the perfect tailored solution to their commercial needs. Based in the heart of the thriving West End, they have relevant and direct experience of the London commercial markets and can offer businesses invaluable expertise and assistance in finding the right office for them, at a budget that more than matches their expectations.

Regarded by many as a flagship commercial estate agent in the pressured environs of London, Savoy Stewart offer an extensive online database of properties available both in London and in the rest of the United Kingdom and this, allied to their own expertise, will ensure that they can find the right office space for the exacting demands of you and your business, all within a predetermined budget that is set by you.

However Savoy Stewart won’t just show you a list of properties and expect you to continue from there. Instead, they can actively seek out, investigate and acquire or lease office space for you, offering a full service from identifying potential sites, to actually completing the lease or sale agreement. At all times they will liaise with you to ensure that the price is within your budget and the offices more than meet your demands. Furthermore, they will use their experience and considerable expertise to negotiate with any potential seller or landlord to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

It really makes perfect sense, you only trust your accounts to a qualified accountant and your legal matters to a qualified solicitor, why would you not afford the same level of expertise to one of the most critical decisions a business owner can make; that of securing an office space that not only more than matches their criteria, but at a price that the business can afford? In such circumstances, using a trusted, renowned name like Savoy Stewart for your commercial property dealings makes perfect sense.

If, on the other hand, you are not looking to rent an office space but own a commercial property in London and don’t have the time to run it as effectively as you would like, then Savoy Stewart also have the perfect answer. As one of the leading commercial property management companies in the capital, Savoy Stewart offer a professional and courteous service which allows them to quickly team up available commercial properties with clients who may well be seeking them. They can undertake all aspects of property management, from dealing with tenants, the payment of rent and all legal responsibilities and ensure that your property is maximising its potential for you as its owner, but also more than meeting the requirements of your tenants. In addition, their years of invaluable experience in this market mean that they are able to offer landlords and tenants excellent expert advice on all matters regarding the lease, advice which would otherwise come at a hefty price.

It is easy to see why Savoy Stewart is rated so highly both as a commercial estate agent and in commercial property management. Such levels of experience and expertise only come from years of work in this tough, ever-changing and often confusing market and employing a company such as Savoy Stewart for all your commercial needs, is a move that many businesses are now finding to be not only productive in acquiring the right office space or tenant for them, but also as a cost-effective measure in the long run.
Whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease or rent office space in the London area, or beyond, Savoy Stewart are there to help you in any way they can, offering a service that is unrivalled across London and the rest of the United Kingdom. If it makes sense to use experts for your accounting and legal needs, then surely it makes perfect sense to use the experts for your specific commercial needs too and for that, there is just one choice: Savoy Stewart.



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